As we in Ireland stoically get through these dark Winter days, the people of Brighter Communities Worldwide are posting photos of stunning Kenyan sunrises and sunsets.

Shades of rich dramatic ochre leap off the pages, scorched earth is mixed with stunning indigenous grasses; it’s mesmerising and captivating, the beauty of the landscapes only surpassed by the gorgeous smiling African faces of the people who make up the Brighter Communities Worldwide family.

Anybody who’s ever been to any part of Africa will tell you that the people and the red earth gets under your skin.

The many volunteers who give up their time and skills to help with the projects run by Brighter Communities Worldwide feel the pull to go back, time and time again.

They convey the same message that volunteers all over share…they get back much more than they give. They are energised and enriched by their Kenyan experiences.

Their passionate enthusiasm for the incredible projects they work on as part of the wider Brighter Communities Worldwide circle is catching. The work varies – one day they may be helping to run a community Menstrual Hygiene Management workshop. The next they may be installing household smokeless stoves – or hiking on a sustainable trekking route. They are the lifeblood of the organisation and help to ensure that Brighter Communities Worldwide delivers what it was established to do--- build a world where strong, healthy communities can thrive, with sustainable livelihoods and brighter futures.

There is a beautiful Kenyan proverb. ’If you want to go quickly go alone if you want to go far, go together”.

Brighter Communities Worldwide lives out that proverb every day in its work in Kenya.

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